in beautiful leipzig

The year 1165 is held to be the founding year of the city Leipzig. This time does also mark the time when the cities oldest curches were built - the thomas church and the St-Nikolai church. Leipzig has many historical sights that you might already notice as you walk through the city center.

Just to name some of them:

Old townhall
By the town square you will find the old townhall, one of the most impressive german buildings of renaissance times. Built by Hieronymus Lotter, the building accommodates the towns history museum with over 500.000 artefacts in 72 special collections since 1909.

Nikolai Church
The Nikolai-church as the oldest and biggest church in leipzig is seen to be the initial point of the "peacefull revolution" since 1989. Here, many peace prayers took place (take place) that led to monday-demonstrations and finally to germanys reunion.

​Old trading stock
The old trading stock shows the famous Goethe monument. Goethe spent a lot of time in leipzig studying.

Thomas Church
Here, the famous Thomanerchor has it`s origin and Johann Sebastian Bach used to be the Thomaskantor for 27years.
His grave is located in the sanctuary of the Thomas-church. Martin Luther preached his first whitsunday in 1539 in this house of god, through which he started the reformation in Sachsen.
Opposite of the Thomas-church you will find the Bach-museum. A special experience are the sunday concerts in the Mendelssohn-museum that used to be the home of the composer Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. It is worlds one and only museum about Mendelssohn.

The 5 km route "Notenspur" makes the music-history of leipzig even more alive for visitors. On that route you will learn and hear a lot about the componists and the music-history of the city. Over 155 stations in the ground connect home and work-domain of famous componists.

​Monument of the battle
The monument of the battle does count as one of the city symbols and reminds us about the battle of nations in 1813, which took place right in that The monument is 91m high and a viewing plattform allows an amazing view over the city Leipzig.