Experience Leibz´sch! A city with many faces.

Trade-fair and culture city, metropolis for students, small-venice or small-paris: Leipzig has many names.

No surprise, as the city offers a variety like no other. Most important it is a vibrant city that has been changing for years.
The biggest city of Sachsen currently experiences the biggest rise of population and counts as one of the most dynamic economic and cultural metropolises.
Cultural highlights, galleries, museums, coffee houses culture, traditional restaurants, as well as a colorful multifaced nightlife make Leipzig especially interesting for music and art lovers. Next to it`s culture it is the trade and fair that make the city so special.
Also shopping is very exquisite in this city, with historical trading-houses and passages, shopping malls and boulevards.

The trade fair city Leipzig with it`s 850 year old tradition counts as one of the oldest exhibition centers of the world.
Over 40 exhibitions, 100 congresses and other events with over 10.000 exhibitors and over 1,3 million visitors take place on an annual basis.