District Lindenau

The district Lindenau is one of the youngest areas in Leipzig with a very dynamic development.
More and more artists, galleries and creatives settling to the west of Leipzig.

At the Lindenauer market you`ll find the theater of young world (Junge Welt), many bars and coffee places, while in other areas of the city those kind of places are still under development. New green spaces and art rooms come into being and new theaters open up at many locations.
Special "art-islands" are the old Baumwollspinnerei and the Tapetenwerk. In the rooms of those old idustrial-buildings you`ll find ateliers and exhibition rooms of young artists, which characterize the "Leipziger Schule".

For the people of Leipzig the district Lindenau is not only a scene-quarter and creative center, but also a recreation area. Endless garden plots, the main part of the Karl-Heine-canal, the Lindenau harbour, the Museumsfeldbahn Leipzig-Lindenau, newly designed bike- and walking paths, forest districts Gottge and Verschlossenes Holz, the rivers Luppe, Nahle, and white Elster tempt to go outside and explore Lindenau nature. Especially the big fields of Clara-Zetkin-Park and Rosental attract many visitors.