Destinations in Leipzig

You are visiting leipzig and you want to spend your day exploring the city?
Leipzig offers many beautiful destinations for every interest.

Red Bull Arena
The biggest arena of sachsen, the red bull arena, is only 2,5 km away. (8 mins. by car)

Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei
The Baumwollspinnerei is a 10 hectar big industrial area where you will now find many artists with their galleries. Moreover you will meet many fashion designers, the art center Halle 14, food spots and more. The Baumwollspinnerei is only 2km (ca.7 mins. by car) away.

Zoo Leipzig
The zoo in leipzig measures 26 hectar and is much richer in species than many other zoos of europe. It is a great destination for the whole family. The zoo is only 4 km away (9 min. by car).

Belantis Park
Another great venue for the whole family - the belantis park. It is the biggest leisure park of east germany. It is over 27 hectars big and has over 60 attractions.

Parks & Relaxation
Some examples would be:
, ​a very unique park- and meadow landscape that finds it way through the whole city
,​ this park becomes river-meadow landscape further north. In the south the parks leads to the Cospundener lake. This lake is part of the Neuseenland of Leipzig and the perfect place to cool off in summer.
, ca. 11 hectars big and close to the city center.

Museums & Culture
Leipzig has many museums and exhibition buildings. Just to name some of them:
Panometer, a historical exhibition building with a 360° cinema in it.
Mendelssohn Haus, a museum in memory of the componist Felix-Mendelssohn-Bartholdy.
Bach-Museum, about the life of the famous componist Johann Sebastian Bach.
Grassimuseum, is a complex of buildings right by the Johannisplatz that is base to the ethnological museum, the museum of art and the museum for musical instruments of the university.

These destinations are just a few of Leipzigs attractions.