A special night-out experience you will find in several pub miles of the city. In endless scene-restaurants and bars you can enjoy leipzigs special culture:
In the café-restaurant „Zum Arabischen Coffee Baum“, one of the oldest coffee-temples of europe, famous Robert Schumann used to be regular guest.

If you hire a boat at the city harbour to paddle down the Karl-Heine-Canal, you should definitely stop at the Kanal 28. This coffee-place is nicely hidden between garden-plots and has an outside seating area right by the water.

The Café Fleischerei offers homemade food in an artdéco ambience. (Jahnallee 23)  

You can chill by the beach at the lindenauer harbour in the Sun City Beach Club. With south-american music and exotic drinks. www.sun-city-beach.de.
Another option is the "Stattstrand" that has a lot of baltic sea sand, sun-chairs and mini-palm trees.

The Tanzcafé Ilses Erika is stage to a changing cultural program of literature-, movie- and late-night-talkshows. (Bernhard-Göring-Straße 152)